Auroshivas Good Earth Institute (Katral Koodam) quality conscious firm, has the distinction of attaining quality in all displined consistently since its inception in 1990, by its Founder Mr. Ayyanar @ Siva Guru executed civil works.

Over the years, Auroshivas Good Earth Institute (Katral Koodam) has made its presence felt in the construction industry. It has done so by giving a Good quality of work, fulfilling the clients requirements as committed, completing the projects within the scheduled time and co-ordinating with other agencies like Architects and Engineers.

Superior work force. Rich experience. Technical updations. Quality Assurance team. All these seamlessly combined to ensure that every brick constructed is of consistent quality and worthy of bearing the Auroshivas Good Earth Institute (Katral Koodam) label. Which is why across South India, Auroshivas Good Earth Institute (Katral Koodam) is preferred by the customers and recommended by the experts.

Be it for the construction of a High raised structures, Large housing colonies, Farm House, Residential Apartments and office Complexes, Exposed Bricks Water Tank, Rammed Earth Building, Red Oxide Flooring (all the colors as per the customers requirements), Exposed Bricks Flooring, Wall, Ceiling.

There, we finish some of our credentials for your kind perusal.

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