Sun dried brick building

Sun-dried clay is one of the oldest building materials that has been used for more than 10.000 years to build houses, mosques, churches, palaces and cities. Currently one-third of the global population lives in this vernacular architecture made with the man-made stone-like construction material. This building material, commonly made from a mix of clay and organic materials, is resisting the long span of time and weathering. Used correctly, the clay making technology has many benefits: the technique used is very simple with zero maintenance cost, local availability and affordability, and has a good thermal and acoustic insulation. Because of this, earthen architecture has many advantages from a sustain ability perspective. The use of this eco-friendly construction material nowadays could be a viable alter Save native to solve our 21st Century big concerns of energy and climate change.

For this reason, it is important to understand this material characterization, diagnosis and suitability in construction, and to understand how can it be  good construction material for a particular site. This paper discusses earthen material and construction techniques, and their important contribution to sustainable development.